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Awbridge Vision and Values



  • We believe the enthusiasm, skills and understanding required for independent learning will be developed in a challenging, stimulating and caring environment.
  •  We inspire our pupils to find joy and pleasure in their learning.
  • We believe everyone, with effort, can succeed.
  • Success is built on respecting the needs and feelings of others. We promote and encourage values of honesty and self-belief, mindful of the needs and feelings of others.


Building Character and Capabilities within our children

We worked with staff, children and parents to create an acronym ACORNS, which represented the key skills that we wanted to develop in our children.

Click below for our ‘Parent Guide to Building Character and Capability within our Children.’ 
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In 2016 we looked to develop this concept more in order for our children to have a greater understanding of the values, traits and skills it represented.
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The result is the creation of squirrel personas – the ‘living’ representations of these values, traits and skills.
Developing these in our children will help them to develop their own ‘character’, and so make them ‘capable’ and ‘able’ to strive, aspire and succeed in all walks of life.

Adam loves learning. He is ‘Mr Positive’ about life.

He recognises that his own desire to succeed is really, really important.

He doesn’t believe he can’t. He believes he can.

He is kind, considerate to others, encouraging and supportive. Adam wants everyone to succeed, not just himself.

As a result everybody likes him.

Adam has the right ATTITUDE to succeed.

Charlie is both a really good listener and a really good speaker.

Being able to clearly explain what she is doing helps her learn to do things better.

She has very strong empathy skills which help her when she is listening to others. She is supportive and helpful to others, and works well in a team.

Before reacting to any situation she can recognise what other people may be feeling or thinking.

Charlie has great ‘communication’ skills, that will help her to succeed in life.

Ollie knows that you need to put in effort in order to achieve anything.

He also knows that it is better to actively participate in everything rather than do little or nothing.

He no longer lets the fear of failure stop him from trying.

Ollie’s ‘oomph’ will mean he has more opportunity to be successful in what he does.

Ryan has the ability to recover quickly from misfortune. He has no tail due to an accident!

Ryan doesn’t get upset when he makes a mistake. He has learnt that everyone makes mistakes. The important bit is how we behave straight after we have made them.

Ryan’s ’resilience’ will help him to achieve and succeed. 

Nina uses different skills to help her learn.

She is creative enough to think up new ideas and has the  innovation to also do new things.

She loves a challenge. This is where she can shine because it allows her to think around any problem or obstacle in order to find a way to solve it.

She has a lot of self discipline. She knows that the problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem.

Nina is ’nifty’ in how she carefully thinks through what she is doing

Sarah is very organised, she loves lists and is always working towards a goal. She has short term, medium term and long term goals!

She is smart enough to realise that it isn’t just about having goals. To be successful, she argues, is also about recognising and changing habits. Only then will you achieve your goals.

Being ‘smart’ in how she organises and approaches life will help Sarah in all she does.

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