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Coronavirus (COVID)

As Covid continues to be in circulation, we are now experiencing cases within the school. Attached is a flow chart for you to follow. Please can we stress that, if your is displaying any of the following symptoms they will need a PCR test rather than a lateral flow:


  1. Dry, persistent cough
  2. Loss or taste of smell
  3. High temperature


Your child will need to remain at home until you have received the result. A negative PCR result will mean your child can return to school straight away (as long as they are well enough) and a positive result will mean that your child will need to isolate for 10 days from the onset of symptoms or your test date, whichever was sooner.


For clarification, schools are no longer responsible for track and trace so if your child has been in class with someone who has tested positive, there is no need for your child to isolate unless they present with symptoms. Please note however, Public Health Track and Trace is still in place and if you and your child are contacted and advised to isolate, they will be unable to attend school.