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Happy Friday!

Here is your suggested work for today.


English: Read through the instructions and complete the tasks. Today's work is about the poem ‘Bedtime’ by Eleanor Farjeon. 

Maths: Read through the slides at the start really carefully. I would recommend that everyone starts on the Mild challenge again today as its been a while since we covered fractions in class. If you want to go on further, you can.


If you find it tricky, its really important to use the pictures of fruit (drawn in lines in the pack) to help you- perhaps you could cut them out or redraw them yourself and fold them into half (to show 1/2 the number of fruit), 4's (to show 1/4 of the number of fruit), 8's (to show 1/8).


If you find this really hard, try drawing different groups of objects/shapes and then drawing a circle round half and a quarter of them.

Remember, you can practise your spellings on Spelling Shed

Here are the Maths resources. You can also practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars


Other activities you might consider doing are

Joe Wicks

Cricket activities:


As a science task, go to  .

 Look at the three images above and come up with as many similarities and differences as you can and note these down in a table or list. Think about:

  • appearance
  • what they are doing
  • where they might live

Read the extra information underneath. Use this to make notes or create a informative poster.