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Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good week!

Seth and Braydon have set themselves a challenge which they are preparing to take part in tomorrow to support the NHS. Check out the link below to see what they are up to!

Maths - Measuring using centimetres

Today's maths continues with measuring lengths. Today you will be measuring in centimetres. Remember that a centimetre is made up of 10 millimetres. There are 100 centimetres in 1 metre.

English - Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary

Today's English tasks are based on the above text. There is a focus on verbs and tenses. Remember, a verb is an 'action' or 'doing' word!


How to be part of a successful team. How to take on a challenge and why teamwork is valuable.

There is a video if you’d like to get motivated by dancing! If not, move straight on to the video clips.

Watch and discuss with your child – what is important about teamwork? What roles are there in most teams – all roles are vitally important for the team to be successful. Listen to the children and think about how they deal with the problems, for example all wanting to do it their way!


I am an amazing person

In this activity from Twinkl, get your child thinking about what their strengths are and how they could apply that to working as a team. Finishing the sentence starters in the balloons will help them visualise the talents they have and how others would value them.

No need to print, just discuss. (Although, this might be a lovely one to keep and reflect on later.)


Each morning Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc) will be doing Phonics lessons online. Each film will be available for 24 hours via Facebook and on YouTube.

The lessons are available via the Ruth Miskin Facebook page or the YouTube channel below.