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Hello, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy half term break! You and your families have been amazing and deserve a well-earned rest! I look forward to being in contact with you at the start of next half term!


English: Today you will read a poem and answer reflective questions about it. You will be  revising metaphors and similes and practise creating these for pets or other animals. Finally, plan and write a poem about a pet or chosen animal.

Maths: Use your understanding of units of time (hours, minutes and seconds) to time events, then record the results in a bar chart. Afterwards, look more closely to interpret bar charts.

Other activities you might like to try:

  • Make an advert or poster advertising your new product.

This could be for TV, a billboard or even a bus!  Include why it is the best ice cream/lolly and why customers should buy it.

If you need inspiration, then watch an advert to give you ideas.

You could email me your masterpiece!