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Here is the English work for today. Read through the instructions and the text. The answers are at the back of the pack.

You can continue to use Spelling Shed to practise your spellings, which are words which end with the sound /ʃən/, spelt 'sion' or 'cian'.









Here is the Maths work – this consists of slides as reminders of how to add 3 and 4 digit numbers, a range of challenges and the answers at the back again.

You can continue to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.


Other activities you might consider doing are:

  • Joe Wicks
  • Here are the songs that we have learnt or are about to learn on our trumpets:
  • Think about where the best place to put a plant would be in your house. What does a plant need to grow? Where would you put the plant in your house and where would you definitely not put it? Write instructions to someone else about where to put a plant and how to look after it. 
  • Remember you can show me what you're up to at home by emailing me either a letter or photos. If you'd like to practise your typing, you could type an email, or if you would like to practise your handwriting take a photo of your letter and send it to me. Whatever you're up to, I'd love to know!
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