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Monday 15th

Good morning Beech Class! I hope you had a super sunny weekend.

Here's another riddle for you to work out before you start your learning... 

How far can a fox run into the woods?

Answer: Only halfway, otherwise he would be running out of the woods!



Today is an excellent English lesson, which requires you to write a letter to yourself in 6 months' time, thinking about what lockdown at home meant to you. Use the powerpoint to help you think about formal and informal writing.

Don't forget you could also

spend time looking through this reading website and explore all the super 7000 books online. These include fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels.


For this weeks spellings, you are learning -cious/-tious endings.

Sometimes a root word will give you a clue which spelling to choose.

For example:


-cious ending is mostly common if a word ends in -ce and changes to -cious.

Eg: grace > gracious


-tious ending is mostly common if a word ends in tion 

Eg: ambition > ambitious

Can you write them as a word search? Use coloured pens/pencils? Write them backwards?



Today you will be revising how to use counting up to subtract pairs of numbers with two decimal places (2 dp's). Use the powerpoint to help you if you need it.

Don't forget to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars
Why don't you learn about money?

Summer project 

Why don't you research something a topic of your choice that you are interested in?  
It could be anything, but here are some suggestions:  
- animals (a specific animal or a range of them)
- a country
- a sport
- a film/ film franchise
- a Science topic

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