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Hopefully you all enjoyed your first week of learning at home and are getting used to all the changes we have had lately.


Here is the suggested work for today.

English: Today's activities look at diary entries and adverbs. Remember adverbs are words which tell us where, how and when somethings is done. They are often words which end in 'ly'.


Maths: Your maths tasks today use number lines to show how we can work out subtraction problems. It uses the method of 'counting up' to find the difference between 2 numbers. You can use the answers at the end to check your work.

Remember, you can practise your spellings on Spelling Shed

You can also practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars


Other activities you might consider doing are

Cricket skills  


Think about where the best place to put a plant would be in your house. What does a plant need to grow? Where would you put the plant in your house and where would you definitely not put it? Write instructions to someone else about where to put a plant and how to look after it. If you have some seeds at home you could plant some in a garden or pot.