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Hello Chestnut Class! We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine? Thank you to those of you who have emailed us photos on tapestry of what you've been up to at home. Please keep looking at the 'gallery' part of the blog to see all the learning, cooking and general fun of what your friends have been having! It's lovely to keep in touch.


Mrs Cater and Mrs Sherrington will be in school this week and will be calling you on the phone again - we are looking forward to hearing your cheerful voices and finding out how you are.


Please remember that our blog of tasks is there if you need it - don't feel you have to complete it all, we understand how busy you are. However, it would be wonderful if you managed to keep up the reading and writing if at all possible.

Creative Task


How to be a good friend.

This comes from the BBC Bitesize Year 1 Wellbeing lessons

Watch the videos and talk about the relationships between the children, do you recognise any of the behaviours?

Draw pictures of your good friends. Friends from school, out of school, clubs and your family. Label you friends and either talk about or write about what you enjoy doing together. Why are these people your friends? What is it that you like about them?

Could you call a friend today? Ask them how they are?

Twinkl worksheet (shown on BBC B). No need to print – look at and discuss – How can I be a good friend.