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Hello Maple class, I hope you had a nice weekend and are ready for a new week! Here's some suggested activities for you today.


English: Read a version of King Midas and the Donkey Ears. Order and illustrate the event and tell the story to somebody else. Then answer questions about the characters in the story.  


Don’t forget to practice your spellings, too. You could do this on     or on paper. The words for this week include words that end in ‘ly’

Actually                 Simply

Propably                Humbly

Happily                  Basically

Luckily                   Dramatically


Maths: The aim is that you can complete 1 online lesson each day. You may find that some of the work is a bit new, but for each lesson there is a powerpoint slideshow to explain the what to do. Once you have watched this, try the tasks it relates to.


When you click on the link below, make sure you go to Summer Term Week 1, Lesson 1 (Equivalent fractions (2)). 

Other activities you might consider doing:

  • This Friday is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day- Victory in Europe Day. Some of the activities throughout the week might focus on celebrating it. 

Read through the VE day Powerpoint and have a go at the questions.

Talk to your family members or send a letter to a family member who was alive on VE day. Ask the how they celebrated and what it was like to find out that the war was finally over.

If you do not have any one who you can talk to about their VE day memories, you can watch this clip to find out what it was like. A News Video from 1945 shared by British Movietone on The History Press website.

Discuss these questions with your family: How do you think the people felt? When have you seen a celebration like this before? What other events do you think we should celebrate and remember? Why do you think we should remember and celebrate these?


NEW Sports Mark Challenge

Hampshire School Games are launching a new programme of daily challenges linked to the sports normally played at the annual Hampshire School Games. There will be 2 different sports every week.

There will also be a Dance Challenge which will run for the first 3 weeks in May. The winners' videos will be shared in the closing ceremony at the end of May. More information to follow...

  • Have a look at the following non-screen activities. Perhaps you can pick one or two to have a go at!