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Each morning Ruth Miskin (Read Write Inc) will be doing Phonics lessons online. Each film will be available for 24 hours via Facebook and on YouTube.

The lessons are available via the Ruth Miskin Facebook page or the YouTube channel below.


Today please revise the Set 2 sound and practise the Set 3 sound.

Practise writing the sound correctly and then write lots of words containing that sound. If possible, write some sentences using that sound.


Monday 4th May

Set 1 - v

Set 2 - air

Set 3 – o - e

English - plus the guided reading book

Creative Tasks W/c 4th May 2020

Note for parents

When learning about historical events, children often have lots of questions which can go in many different ways. In school, children learn about the affects of the war through childhood evacuation (Year 5 and 6), Remembrance Day celebrations and other national recognised events such as the Centenary of the First World War and D Day celebrations. Therefore, the activities for this have been chosen so they focus on celebration and remembrance rather than the events, causes and outcomes of wars.

If you feel that your child has a particular interest and is ready to discuss this time period in more detail you may wish to use the BBC Bitesize KS2 website for more information. Please remember that for some children the topic of war is both worrying and scary. It is important that children have an understanding of the past and how it affects us, but we also need to be aware of how this might make individual children feel.


Monday- History What is VE Day?

Read through the VE day Powerpoint and have a go at the questions.

Talk to your family members or send a letter to a family member who was alive on VE day. Ask the how they celebrated and what it was like to find out that the war was finally over.

If you do not have any one who you can talk to about their VE day memories, you can watch this clip to find out what it was like. A News Video from 1945 shared by British Movietone on The History Press website.

Discuss these questions with your family:

How do you think the people felt?

When have you seen a celebration like this before?

What other events do you think we should celebrate and remember? Why do you think we should remember and celebrate these?