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Hello everyone, hope you had a nice weekend!


English: Look at the powerpoint presentation on different types of words. Then read profiles of video-game characters and sort words into classes. Write sentences and highlight different word classes.  

Maths: This week we will be using some of the materials from the Hamilton Trust website which we used before Easter. The reason for this is that over the next few weeks it will cover more of the things we hadn't practiced as much in class. This week we will be looking at time.

Look at the presentation and complete the activity- Write and draw analogue and digital clock times.


Other activities you might like to try:


  • Creative task- Summer Fun! A project you could do this week is to design your favourite Ice cream or Ice Lolly. Do some research with an adult online to get some ideas.

What is your favourite ice cream or lolly? Get a piece of paper and try and sketch it. Then, colour or shade it in. Think about the: 




Does it have a cone? What shape is the cone? What flavour is the cone?

Is it on a stick? Is it in a tub?

Challenge: Does it have a wrapper? Could you sketch that too?


  •  Try the Chance to Shine ‘Cool Catcher 2’ session