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Hello Maple class, I hope you all had a nice weekend!

I spent last week teaching some of the Year 1 students in school and it was very strange not having you all there, too!


English: Today you will listen to a reading of the book, ‘King of the Sky.’ Read the extracts and answer the questions. Then write descriptions of settings and of a view from your home.

Maths: For your Maths, this week’s work starts by looking at money and finishes by looking at length and shape. Today, you will be writing and ordering amounts of money up to £10, using a place value grid. Try the investigation if you get a chance!


Don’t forget you can go on Times Table Rockstars, too!

Other activities you might like to try: 


  • This week we will be finding out all about pirates and doing lots of pirate-themed activities!

Start by watching this video about pirates to learn about them! Then learn to draw a cartoon pirate. Here are two more videos which will show you how: (easier) (harder)



  • Joe Wicks