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House Captains and Vice Captains

On joining our school, each child is enrolled into one of four houses: Falcons, Buzzards, Kestrels or Eagles.


Each house has a Year 6 house captain and vice captain. House Captains are elected in September through a series of hustings held in school assemblies. They also have to write to Mrs Fahey (Head of School) to explain why they would like to be considered as a House Captain.

Every term there are house events that allow all the children in that house to work together. As well as running these events, house captains organise a range of events that help raise money for charities that they have chosen to support.

The positions of House and Vice Captains are very highly regarded within the school. During house events the captains and vice captains aid the teachers to plan the events and aid the other children. Due to this, we expect the children’s attitude and behaviour to be of the highest standard. Other children in the school should view the house and vice captains as role models thus their appearance, attitude, hard work and determination should be an inspirational message to all members of the school.


Responsibilities include:

To be positive role models for their younger peers

Encourage good behaviour and hard work in others through the promotion of house points

To liaise with other pupils in their house groups, allowing them to voice any concerns or suggestions, passing them onto the head teacher if necessary

To collect and record the number of house points gained by pupils in each house

Ensure children are aware of the rules and routines for the school during break and lunchtimes


 School Council

The School Council is a group of children that meet half termly with Mrs Fahey. There are 2 children in Years 1-6 chosen to be members of the school council. They have all been elected by their peers because they feel they are good at putting points across clearly and considerately. They work together to discuss and decide on issues which are important to the children at Awbridge.


Junior Road Safety Officers

The Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) Scheme gives our children the opportunity to lead on promoting road safety to the rest of the school – in a fun way, while getting serious road safety messages across.


Peer Mentors

Awbridge has a well-established peer mentoring scheme to ensure all children have a safe and happy playtime. Peer mentors are children who are available to organise games and support other children in their game play. All the peer mentors receive training and work on a rota system.

The benefits of peer mentoring include:

• development of pupils’ social skills when dealing with

• the creation of an atmosphere of calm and 
cooperation in the playground

• an increase in pupils’ self-esteem

• an offer of alternative options to disruption and inappropriate behaviour

• the creation of a safe and positive environment that
 enhances play

• pupil empowerment and the teaching of emotional 

• a reduction in bullying, inappropriate behaviours and
 unhappy pupils at playtimes


Class Ambassadors and Monitors

Within each class children are given a variety of roles and responsibilities. This helps create a mutual respect for their classroom and develops responsibilities.

Classroom Ambassadors will greet any visitor to the school. They need to be eloquent and able to communicate the learning that is being undertaken in the classroom at the time as well as clearly explain the learning values and attitudes within the school.