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Romsey Abbey - Abbesses

As part of Romsey Abbey's 900th year anniversary, children across many local schools decorated an abbess for display at the Abbey. Children at Awbridge decorated the abbess Johanna Bryggys and she was unveiled along with the other abbesses at the Abbey in March during a special service.


Last weekend, Awbridge's Johanna Bryggys was featured as Abbess of the Week during a streamed service and this can be watched via the abbey's website:

Alternatively, it can be viewed on YouTube and can be found by searching on Romsey Abbey.  The service can be watched live or at a later date and time (services are retained on the channel for about a month).


Further information about the abbesses can be viewed at  There is a PDF file about each abbess, including a "photograph", crediting the school, college or choir that created her.

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