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I hope you are getting on okay with the tasks so far this week!

Here are the suggested activities for today.


English: Read through the instruction sheet carefully. I would recommend listening to Michael Rosen reading today's poem using the Youtube video

You could also read along at the same time as a full version is in the pack.

You will then be looking at possessive apostrophes.




Maths: Today's work is about multiplying and dividing different amounts of money by 10 or 100. Read the instructional slides at the beginning of the pack carefully. I would recommend everyone starts on the mild challenge, and only have a go at the hot challenge if you are happy with this. Think about whether you need to

Multiply the cost of the item (to find out how much 10 would cost)


Divide the cost of the group of items (to find out how much 1 would cost).

Remember, you can practise your spellings on Spelling Shed

Here are the Maths resources. You can also practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars


Other activities you might consider doing are

Joe Wicks

Cricket activities:


Explore Michael Rosen’s YouTube channel and watch him perform other poems and read stories  . Maybe it will inspire you to write your own!