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English: This weeks English activities are all Harry Potter themed!

Read the Harry Potter extract about Quidditch. Watch the film version of Harry learning the rules of Quidditch. Use the slides to remind yourself about adverbs. Watch another clip from one of the films and write some sentences that use adverbs to describe the Quidditch match.


Maths: This week your Maths tasks will look a little different, but I am hoping that the layout will be clearer and easier to understand. The aim is that you can complete 1 online lesson each day. You may find that some of the work is a bit new, but for each lesson there is a powerpoint slideshow to explain the what to do. Once you have watched this, try the tasks it relates to.


When you click on the link below, make sure you go to Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 4 (Problem Solving with Fractions 2)

Other activities you might consider doing:

  • Music- Look at the slides below. There are several fun activities for you to try and information to read about music based on the Apollo 11 Moon Landing!
  • Creative task: Now it’s time to build a 3D model of your park! Search your house and garden to find different objects to use to create your park. Paper, cardboard, yoghurt pots and other recyclable objects would be good objects to use. Make sure you ask an adult before taking them. Be creative and see what you can build!


  • Have a go at this week's cricket challenge: