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English: Think carefully about a photograph of some rather cute pets. Then read a poem and answer reflective questions. Read a set of poems and make notes about them.
Maths: Today you will rehearse number bonds to 60 (25 + 35, 20 + 40, etc.), then focus on telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks to the next hour. Practise this skill, then extend it using a problem-solving investigation.

Other activities you might like to try:

  • Creative task: Have a go at making the wrapper or packaging.

To make the wrapper, why don’t you use some recycling around your house, tissue paper, card, silver foil, lollipop sticks or even some colourful wrapping paper?

Challenge: Can you actually make your design of ice-cream/lolly? ASK A PARENT FIRST  

Then, take a photo to email your teacher.