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English: First look at the slides (5-7) about the progressive form of past tense. An example of this is:

Miss Baldwin played netball on the playground- past tense

Miss Baldwin was playing netball on the playground- progressive form of past tense

Then read ‘The Swing’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. Practise progressive form and write about your own play or games.

Maths: Today you will work through the Learning Reminder slides to rehearse how to find the durations of films and programmes, both less and greater than an hour. Then, write times with a given duration between, before extending these skills in an investigation.

Other activities you might consider doing:


  • Think about how you could design your own planet. Will it be in a solar system? Will it have life and what will it need to support life? Use the YouTube video below to sketch your planet – you could choose colours or paint instead of just the black pencil:

For an extra challenge- design your own alien and a language which they could speak! For this you could use a simple code, such as     a = h or a = 1 or a = a square

Use this to write a conversation or story between a human and their alien on discovery of their planet.


  • Joe Wicks