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Good morning Year 1, rise and shine! Here are today's learning activities.


Maths - Comparing numbers and finding the difference

Today we will be looking at comparing numbers by using visual cubes. We will look at the total in each tower of cubes and we will find the difference between the two numbers.

English - retelling a story

We will be reading Sharing a Shell again today and retell the story. There is a Powerpoint attached and a frame for support. Remember to check that each of your sentences starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. It helps to say a sentence aloud first before writing it down!

Creative project 

Present your Powerpoint (or talk) to someone. That could be to your family members or you could film it and send it to me. I would love to see all of your hard-work from this week!


Watch the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc Phonics video for today. Follow the link below 


Today in school we are recapping the -o-e (phone home) sound. How many words can you think of with the -o-e sound. Write 2 sentences using 2 of your words.