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Here is the suggested work for today.


English: Read through instructions for what to do today. Then read the Diary of  Lively Labrador text (up to page 8 to start with), before completing the activities on speech.


Maths: Today's maths activities continue from yesterday's work on subtraction. Recap how to subtract by counting on using the first couple of slides, then choose your challenge.

Remember, you can practise your spellings on Spelling Shed

Here are the Maths resources. You can also practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars


Other activities you might consider doing are

Joe Wicks

Cricket activities:


For a creative task, you could sketch a flower or plant. Draw it large and look closely so you can really focus on the tiny details of the leaves or petals. You could think about which parts are in shadow and need to be darker, and which are in the light. Try to really take your time!