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Here is the English work for today. You can use the Powerpoint (which has audio teaching on it) or the revision cards in the pack to remind yourself about adverbials. Your task is to underline adverbials, and then create sentences of your own using them. Be as imaginative as possible! 
You can continue to use Spelling Shed to practise your spellings, which are words that end with ‘-tion’ and ‘-ssion’
Here is the Maths work – use either the Powerpoint (with audio teaching) or the revision cards in the pack to remind yourself about tenths and equivalent fractions - 2/10 is the same as 1/5 and 4/20. The answers are at the back of the pack so remember to mark yourself to see if you understand all of the rules which are being covered. 

You can continue to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.
Other activities you might consider doing are:

  • Joe Wicks
  • Here are the songs that we have learnt or are about to learn on our trumpets:
  • Make the creature you created yesterday (or design one today) using rubbish! Look around your house and garden and find any kind of ‘junk’ or recycling and try and make a sculpture of your insect. You could use glue, string, Sellotape, ribbon to help you. If it has wings, why not use a metal coat hanger and an old pair of tights/material?
  • You could write a book review for the Book Review star at any point. You can use the format designed there by one of our Creative Conifers or make one of your own!