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Believing in yourself.

This is taken from the Y2 BBC Bitesize lessons.

Sing and dance along with Naomi. Talk with your adult about what she’s trying to tell us – Believe in yourself, there’s always something that you are good at.

Watch the video – how to manage your feelings. Discuss the various feelings. Have you ever felt this way? When? Why? What did you do? If this prompts a discussion about anger, talk about ways to keep calm – the video talks about various methods.

There is a 3rd video, but more suited for KS2.


Use Twinkl resources, no need to print. How are the characters feeling? Why? If appropriate, look at the emotions cards, label the emotions and discuss what might make us feel this way.

Emotions cards


These emotions cards are perfect for you to use at home, see if your child can express which emotions they are feeling.