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Hello, I hope you are all fit and well today! Here are some tasks to keep you busy bees!


English: Read another report and look again at the features of reports. There are some games on CBeebies to play before you write a report about these, drawing on the features of reports to do so.


Maths: The aim is that you can complete 1 online lesson each day. You may find that some of the work is a bit new, but for each lesson there is a powerpoint slideshow to explain the what to do. Once you have watched this, try the tasks it relates to.


When you click on the link below, make sure you go to Week 2, Lesson 2

(Fractions of a set of objects, part 1). 

Other activities you might consider doing:

  • Watch the videos on BBC Teach which explore what teamwork means and why it's important. There is a worksheet at the bottom which explores how YOU are amazing and what makes YOU a good team member:



  • Alphabet treasure hunt: Look around your house and collect an object for each letter of the alphabet. Put them on a tray an take a photo when you have found them all- some are trickier than others! You could also write a list of the items or draw them.