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Here is the English work for today. Use the revision cards and PowerPoint (with audio teaching) to learn about the present perfect form. This form always has the word 'have' or 'has' before the verb. The verb should be in past. "Miss Gillett has written on the computer." There are several activities underneath.

You can continue to use Spelling Shed to practise your spellings, which are words that end with 'sion':








Here is the Maths work – use the PowerPoint (with audio teaching) or the revision cards to remind yourself about how to compare decimals (and in the challenge compare fractions as well). Remember that the more > and less < signs follow the rule: Bigger number bigger end, smaller number smaller end. There is a 'mild', 'hot', 'a bit stuck' and challenge question, all with answers provided. 

You can continue to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.
Other activities you might consider doing are:

  1. Draw it on a template
  2. Make it out of cardboard and tin foil
  3. Use salt dough
  4. Make it out of recycled materials.
  5. Draw on an old teacup or mug using pens or paint

Think about what your design is representing and how it will be used to celebrate the peace at the end of the war.

If you are not feeling as creative, have a go at writing a poem about Peace.