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Tuesday 5th

Don't forget to look at all the photos you've sent me by clicking the 'gallery' star.

Could you write a book review?

Today you will be adding decimals and then estimating the totals. There is a powerpoint to help you remember how we did this. Don't forget to line up your columns accurately.
Don't forget to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars


Today you will be reading and answering questions to check your understanding. Then, you'll be able to make a poster of words that inspire you!

Don't forget to practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.


This weeks spellings are on the use of -ate as a suffix. Suffixes are a letter or group of letters that go at the end a word and change or add to the words meaning, while prefixes go at the beginning. Suffixes can reveal if a word is a noun, adjective, adverb or a verb. Practise these words daily on your own paper or print out the sheet.


Design and/or create a commemorative medal or teacup for the 75th Anniversary of VE day.

You could:

  • Draw it on a template
  • Make it out of cardboard and tin foil
  • Use salt dough
  • Make it out of recycled materials.
  • Draw on an old tea cup or mug using pens or paint

Think about what your design is representing and how it will be used to celebrate the peace at the end of the war.

If you are not feeling as creative, why not write a poem about Peace.




Have a go at making your own magazine! I know some of you love making your own cartoons, so this is a great way to show them off in your own mini comic book!

Look at to learn how to make the book out of a single sheet of paper.


National Society for Education in Art and Design activities and links to learning

NEW Sports Mark Challenge

Hampshire School Games are launching a new programme of daily challenges linked to the sports normally played at the annual Hampshire School Games. There will be 2 different sports every week.

There will also be a Dance Challenge which will run for the first 3 weeks in May. The winners' videos will be shared in the closing ceremony at the end of May. More information to follow...


Joe Wicks