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Write a Wanted poster for the Big Bad Mouse 

Think carefully about how to describe the Mouse and to use adjectives to describe what he looks like and is like. 

Here is an example: 


The Big Bad Mouse has two large, fluffy ears which can hear you walking through the woods. He also has a long, scaly tail which whips through bushes and plants. 


Watch the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc Phonics video for today. Follow the link below 


Today in school we are recapping the -e (as in me) and e_e sound. How many words can you think of with the -e and e_e sound. Write 2 sentences using 2 of your words. 

This Alphablocks video will help with the long a vowel sound and the alternative spellings, that we will be looking at over the next couple of days


Creative Project

Watch the All about being a pirate PowerPoint and then have a go at the Fact or Myth Game.