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Wednesday 10th

Good morning everybody! Don't forget to look at the Gallery and see what your friends have been doing. There's lots of new photos to look at.

Here's another riddle to start your day;

What has cities, towns, shops and streets but no people?

Answer: A map!


Today you will be learning all about cats! You will be looking at illustrations of them, predicting their behaviour and reading some poems. My favourite 'cat' poem is Macavity the Mystery Cat by T.S.Eliot - if you've seen the musical Cats then you'll remember this! Practise reading the poem aloud with great expression and fluency, or even try to sing it!


For this weeks spellings, you are learning -ible/-able endings.


An -ible ending is mostly common if a complete root word can't be heard. Eg: Horrible

An -able ending is usually used if a complete word can be heard before it. Eg: Understandable

Can you write them as a word search? Use coloured pens/pencils? Write them backwards?

Don't forget you could also

spend time looking through this reading website and explore all the super 7000 books online. These include fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels.


Or use the National Literacy Trust website.


Don't forget to practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.


Today you will be carefully plotting co-ordinates and drawing polygons in two quadrants. Use the powerpoint to help you. Have a go and try your best!


Don't forget to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars

Reading Challenge!

Stay at Home Reading Challenge Summer 2020.docx


Could you write a book review?


Extra Activities

  • BBC Bitesize -  search through a lovely bank of activities. Choose something you'd like to learn more about and have a go at the tasks.
  • Joe Wicks - Join in with Joe's daily workouts