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Here is your suggested work for today.


English: Today you will be looking for speech within the Diary of a Lively Labrador text. You will then convert your speech bubbles from yesterday into direct speech. This means writing out exactly what is said using speech marks. For example:

Direct speech-     "I think I will go in the garden," Joe pondered.

Indirect speech-   Joe pondered whether to go in the garden. 


Then, continue following the instructions and write a diary entry from another character's point of view.

Maths: Today's activities are about money and you will practice using pounds and pence. 

Remember when we did this in class, we did this in a couple of different ways and I don't mind which you use for today's work. I've given examples below to help remind you how to add/subtract with money if you need help.


1. We added amounts by adding the £ then adding the p.

For example:     £3 and 60p  +  £1 and 30p

                       (Add the £s)        £3 + £1 = £4

                       (Add the p)         60p + 30p = 90p

              so...   £3 and 60p  +  £1 and 30p = £4 and 90p 

We did the same with subtraction (Take away the £ from the £ and the p from the p).


2. Some of us also converted the £ and p into just p, then added them using the column method. 

For example:                 £3 and 60p  +  £1 and 30p

           (is the same as)      360p + 130p


(Add using column method)     360

                                          +  130

                                              490 p   = £4 and 90p or £4.90







Remember, you can practise your spellings on Spelling Shed

Here are the Maths resources. You can also practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars


Other activities you might consider doing are

Joe Wicks


Illustrate an event from the diary extract you wrote for English.


Start a diary of your own, use an old notebook or exercise book and note down or draw what has happened and how you feel. Don’t worry if you don’t fill it in every day, just whenever you can. It will be an interesting thing to look back on in the future.