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English: Watch the presentation on past and present tenses, completing the exercises. Then read a fun poem and use the Portrait Poem template to write your own version. 

Maths: The aim is that you can complete 1 online lesson each day. You may find that some of the work is a bit new, but for each lesson there is a powerpoint slideshow to explain the what to do. Once you have watched this, try the tasks it relates to.


When you click on the link below, make sure you go to Week 2, Lesson 3

(Fractions of a set of objects, part 2). 

Other activities you might consider doing:


  • Music: Winter and Rhapsody are both pieces of music on the following website 

       Click on the link and scroll down till you spot them. 

       Watch the two clips. Talk about why you like / dislike (hope not!) the music.

       Can you hear any instruments you recognise? How did the music make you feel?

       Respond to the music by drawing or painting. Watch the clip of Mussorgsky’s ‘Night on

       a bare mountain’ for inspiration.


  • Create your own version of one of Matisse's most famous works called The Snail (I've put a picture of it below)Visit the website to find out how to recreate this collage. If you don’t have any coloured paper at home you could use an old magazine or newspaper instead.
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