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English: This weeks English activities are all Harry Potter themed!

Read an extract about the first broomstick lesson. Then reflect on how different characters might be feeling at different parts of the story and put these in order. Finally, write about how you might feel if you were taking part in your first broomstick lesson, using conjunctions.

Maths: This week your Maths tasks will look a little different, but I am hoping that the layout will be clearer and easier to understand. The aim is that you can complete 1 online lesson each day. You may find that some of the work is a bit new, but for each lesson there is a powerpoint slideshow to explain the what to do. Once you have watched this, try the tasks it relates to.


When you click on the link below, make sure you go to Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 3 (Problem Solving with Fractions)

Other activities you might consider doing:

  • Design your own broomstick! Would it have any special powers or tricks? Be as imaginative as you can.


  • PSHE- Take some time to think about the things that you are grateful for this week. Make a list of all the different things and people that you appreciate in your life. You could write these down or draw them to make you smile.


  • Creative task: Today you can design your park. What will it look like? Where will the features be placed in the park? Draw out a map from a bird’s eye view. You can use the examples to help you create your design.