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Good morning Year 2! How are you all today? Here are today's learning activities.


Maths - finding fractions

Today in maths we will be looking at finding fractions of amounts. Remember that a fraction is part of a whole number.

English - writing a book review

Today we will look at the key features of writing a book review. The book you will be reviewing is Willy The Dreamer by Anthony Browne.


Watch the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc Phonics video for today. Follow the link below 


Today in school we are recapping the -ow (blow the snow) sound. How many words can you think of with the -ow sound. Write 2 sentences using 2 of your words. 

Creative Project 

Create a PowerPoint (or a talk) that you are going to present to someone with all of the information which you have been gathering about a subject you would like to learn.