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Awbridge Primary School


Aims and Values

Our School Values

Curiosity, Innovation, Excellence & Respect…


Our vision is to nurture ambitious, confident, caring and respectful young citizens who take an active role in their communities who believe that they have a voice and responsibility to shape their world.


We do this by encouraging

  • Curiosity – taking an interest in the world around them, asking questions, listening to the views of others and living comfortably with difference.
  • Innovation – the development of skills and confidence to create new opportunities and ideas; thinking deeply and creatively.
  • Excellence – working hard at being the best they can be in all aspects of their lives, recognising that mistakes are opportunities to be stronger and struggle is a great way to build confidence.
  • Respect - showing patience & kindness, recognising that that we are all unique. taking care of ourselves and our place in the world.


Our School rules

  • Be ready
  • Be respectful
  • Be safe


Learning Behaviours

REACH for success is a phrase which is understood by all staff and pupils. It is our shared key words that describe the learners we want to nurture at Awbridge:

Resilient, Enthusiastic, Adaptable, Creative and Helpful. Our children will tell you about our REACH animals and their special characteristics.