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Academic Achievements

Key Stage 2

In May, all Y6 pupils complete end of Key Stage 2 tests. The results of these test are used to measure the individual progress a pupil has made in their time at primary school before moving on to their secondary school. These results are also used by Ofsted & the Local Authority to measure the success of the school against other schools nationally.


Writing was not assessed in a test, but as a teacher assessment of pupils’ writing over a number of pieces of work, measured against a list of statements


2018 Key Stage 2 Outcomes at Awbridge

 2018 Key Stage 2 Outcomes at Awbridge 1


Progress Measures this year are based around a scale where a score of 0 would equate to an ‘expected’ rate of progress. A score above 0 means that the child has made more progress than other children nationally with the same Key Stage 1 average points score.


Each term we evaluate the attainment and progress of every child. Senior Leaders work with Class Teachers to make adjustments to the curriculum to encourage the highest possible levels of achievement.


Additional Educational needs:

If your child requires individual support for learning, the Class Teacher will speak to you about additional provision. This is usually within the class, or for a period of time, working 1:1 with an adult on a specific programme.


If you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress, we recommend that you speak to the Class Teacher in the first instance, who will always refer you to the School Specialist Teachers for AEN.

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