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An Introduction to Awbridge Primary School


Before deciding to register your child we strongly recommend that you come and visit the school for yourself.


If your child is due to start school, you will probably see notices around local shops, Pre-Schools and the library telling you to contact your catchment area school. Hampshire Local Education Authority forms may be collected from the school office if you live within our catchment area. Applications can also be made on-line at


Open Days for September 2022 New Entrants

Parents are invited to join us for one of our Open Morning/Afternoon sessions during the Autumn term.  Due to some Covid restrictions still being in place, we will need to limit numbers, and so we ask that only one parent attend a session. We will not be able to accommodate any children at this time. The visit will take the form of a short talk from the Head of School, Mrs Jayne Fahey, followed by an outside tour and an inside view of some of our classrooms.  To book, please call the School Office on 01794 340407 or email


Monday 20th September 9.30am

Tuesday 28th September 1.30pm

Monday 11th October 1.30pm

Wednesday 20th October 9.30am

Monday 8th November 1.30pm

Wednesday 17th November 1.30pm

Monday 29th November 9.30am

Tuesday 7th December 1.30pm

Wednesday 5th January 2022 1.30pm




If you are moving into our area, please contact the office or the county admissions team. They will then let you know whether places are available or whether you need to join our waiting list.

County Admissions Team
Children’s Services Department
The Castle
SO23 8UG

Tel:  0845 603 5623


Induction for children with Special Educational Needs


If your child has an identified Special Educational need, please come and speak to us at the earliest opportunity. We can design an induction programme to meet your child’s specific needs.


Our Appeals Timetable YR starters Sept 2021 is as follows:

Due to the Covid pandemic, all appeals will be held based upon written submission. This is in line with the DfE’s School Admissions (England) (Coronavirus) (Appeals Arrangements) (Amendment) Regulations 2020.

National notification date for on-time applicants                                  Friday 16 April 2021

Notification date for late applicants                                                         Monday 26 April 2021

(Whose applications received after

15 January and before 16 April 2021)

Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge                                           Monday 17 May 2021

an appeal (returning completed appeal papers

to County Council

Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal                From 7 June to 16 July

(returning completed appeal papers to the County Council)


Please note

(i) Appeals lodged after 17 May 2021 will be heard during the above dates if possible, or within 42 calendar days (excluding any school holidays) of the appeal being lodged. In this situation, the time frames given above may not be achieved. Appeals lodged on or after 15 June 2021 may not be heard until the autumn term.


(ii) Following the lodging of an appeal, additional papers may be submitted to the Appeals Service until 23 calendar days before the hearing. Evidence admitted after this date will be considered by the panel, but this may lead to an adjournment and significant delays.


To apply for an In-Year application, please click on this link:

In-Year Applications


For In-Year applications, school will notify parents of the outcome within 10 days of the application being received from Hampshire Admissions, and not later than 15 days.

You have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel against the refusal of a place at this school.  If you would like to appeal against the decision, please visit Appeal Information or contact the County Admissions Team on 0300 555 1377 to request an appeal pack.  This provides an option for appeal papers to be completed and submitted online or written on a paper version of the appeal forms and submitted in the post or by hand.  Please contact the school if you would like to appeal against the decision.  You will be advised what you need to do and sent the appropriate form and guidance notes.